Feeling strangely emotional

I think I’ve just started my period. It’ll be the first one since we started IVF cycle 2 – the one that resulted in baby B. I think we started in April 2016! Strange to think I haven’t had one since then!

I was sort of hoping I could hold off the periods indefinitely as I’m still breastfeeding B. He’s just under a year old now. I feel strangely emotional as I was hoping I could at least make it to his first birthday without having one, but I guess it wasn’t to be. It’s especially strange as today’s his first day back at nursery after the Christmas break, and I have been breastfeeding him more than usual (as he’s often away from me during the day), so I didn’t really expect to get a period now.

Agh. I hope it isn’t a period. But I think it might be.

For many years all through infertility and then loss, blood was a sign that my body wasn’t doing stuff right, wasn’t getting pregnant and wasn’t remaining pregnant.

I had really bad periods with endometriosis and fibroids. Could knock me out for days.

I don’t feel like that now but I do feel really run down because of flu – which I managed to get on Christmas Day and am still in recovery.

Have breastfed through it all. The one thing that’s gone right is our breastfeeding journey. I’m even hoping to make it to two years unless B wants to wean in between time!

Anyway, there you have it… The end of an era!



  1. sbach1222

    Great job on the breastfeeding still!!

    My cycle came back when I stopped waking up at night to pump. I think I read that once there is 6 hours between feeding/expressing your body starts to cycle again. However my first cycle after was like 60 days, then 13 days, then 45 days, now…. I don’t know!!!

    It certainly isn’t fun to get it back. I hope it doesn’t get too bad for you.

    Good luck friend!


    • Nara

      Aww thanks. I read that about six hours but I’ve been back at work for about seven months so I’ve probably had that gap for that long, and no period yet! It’s a bummer! I hope it’s not like my old periods!


      • sbach1222

        I hope it treats you well! My first one wasn’t bad, but my second one… OMG. I wrote a post about it, it was not fun.

        It is funny how different we all are. My friend didn’t get hers back until she completely stopped, even though she was down to only 3 nursing sessions in the end and she slept through the night when baby would. I slept through the night for less than a week and AF just could not wait to come back!


  2. MrsD

    I breast fed for 9 months, but my first postpartum period was just 7 weeks after my daughter was born- I’d barely finished the postpartum bleeding at that point!


    • Nara

      Ah, I don’t mind the concept of it but I do mind the reality of it! I’ve had terrible periods for a long time. But actually this one has been quite light so maybe it’s a sign of a new reality!


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