How to eat vegetarian on holiday


So I may not have mentioned but I ended up going full veggie a few months ago. I’d been sort of mainly vegetarian but then decided it was hypocritical to continue eating meat when B doesn’t eat meat. (T does but I wanted B to make his own decision about meat. As a child I was very upset to hear about where meat came from and wished I’d have been able to be vegetarian but my mother wouldn’t let me! Even when I ate meat, I didn’t really eat meat that looked like meat, so it was just processed rubbish mainly.)

In case anyone is wondering, I checked with the doc who confirmed B is completely healthy at 20 months never having eaten meat. He is quite small but then I am small so he’s not really expected to be tall (although T is convinced that it may be stunting his growth – doc says otherwise). T still eats a bit of meat but we don’t cook it at home any more. B eats a lot of beans, grains and eggs for protein.

The thing I’ve found hard is how easy it is to eat meat thoughtlessly. It’s in everything for easy protein. So you do have to make some conscious choices when you are choosing what to eat when you are out for lunch or dinner. Also my favourite food group is probably junk food and it turns out veggie junk food isn’t really as nice. Although that does make me feel slightly better as maybe it just means veggies aren’t junk!

We went for our first ever summer holiday so put it to the test. We had half board so lots of dining options. I thought I might end up eating meat but with a bit of thought I managed not to! And it was totally fine and it was nice (for me) to relax and not feel bad that I was eating dead animals.

I’m not a hardcore vegan although I do think that’s the logical conclusion. And I’m aware the dairy industry is problematic, but it’s baby steps right now. I think at least I have reduced the animal products I’m eating and I’m not consciously consuming dead animals. And we try and shop for organic / free range stuff so there’s that.

Anyway for a holiday, aside from the weather being a bit of a washout we had a total eating fest! There were loads of restaurants and we tried a lot of them. It turns out it is possible to be veggie on holiday! It did get a touch repetitive but luckily it was mainly stuff I like.

A small sample:


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  1. Good on you for going veggie! The food looks delicious! I always contemplate it because i genuinely hate the fact I eat meat dairy, but i find it so difficult! Xx

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    1. Nara says:

      It’s great food but easy as someone else made it for me! I could never make it all myself! 😂

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  2. Hufflestitch says:

    So inspiring! I am hoping to get there soon myself. Our toddler eats mostly vegetarian too, he just doesn’t like meat and I am not going to push it much as he eats so many vegetables instead. One of the only toddlers in my mums group who hasn’t had issues with constipation, could be luck, could be diet. 🤷‍♀️

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    1. Nara says:

      Ooh, B hasn’t had issues with constipation. I didn’t know it was that common!

      I thought about going veggie loads of times and did it over the years. This time I didn’t really push myself but I just did it for a bit and then the time was longer and longer. I haven’t really made a big decision about it. It just happened over time!


      1. Rach says:

        Neither of my kids were constipated and they ate meat as babies so not sure that’s the link. I did however also do a lentil dish quite regularly so maybe that’s why?


  3. Rach says:

    Good for you! I think Holly might end up vego. She always says “ouchy animals” when she see raw meat. She eats it for now though but if she ever asks me not to then that’s fine too!

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    1. Nara says:

      Yeah I think it’s fine either way. I just remember how I felt when I found out and I ideally don’t want B to feel that way. He might not be bothered at all in which case he can be a carnivore!

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  4. RC says:

    Wow! You certainly ate well!
    Where was your holiday? Kind of looks like Croatia?


    1. Nara says:

      It was in Greece!

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  5. Marixsa says:

    Oh, I love this so much! Congrats on making The Switch! I promise, it gets easier as you grow accustomed to your new diet. Easing into vegetarian like you’re doing is smart, less shock to your body. I went full-out vegan initially in 2011, and only lasted 2 years. Somehow it morphed into dairy-free vegetarian with occasional shellfish consumption, which I’m content with. It takes time to figure out what you’re “okay” with eating and what you flat-out refuse, so make sure to give yourself room for a grace period! 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🍎🍅🍏🍓🍒🍐🍑🥥🥑🥝🍆🥔🥕🌽🌶🍞🌰🥒🥜🥦🍄

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    1. Nara says:

      Thank you!! Yeah we tried vegan but we just don’t find it very easy or enjoy it. I think I’m much better with veggie although I know that vegan makes more sense. Somehow I seem quite addicted to dairy and eggs! I don’t think going vegetarian was a massive shock to my body as I was always icky about meat anyway. I used to just eat meat that doesn’t look like meat (processed or mince) so I don’t think that was especially healthy. It’s just so built into our society to eat meat though so I do find I have to be more conscious and intentional about what I eat. I suppose it’ll just be a gradual change! Thank you for the encouragement! 💕


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