Why are all celebs so bloody fertile?!

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan! I am really happy for them.


Why are all celebs so bloody fertile?!

As if it wasn’t enough that all friends seem to get up the duff as soon as the ink is dried on the marriage certificate, the slew of celebs in their late 30s who seem to have no problems getting pregnant is kind of a kick in the teeth reminder that everyone else’s body seems to work normally.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m super happy and grateful to have had our miracle baby. And I know it’s 1000 times worse for my IF friends still in the trenches. It’s why I can be happy for the new royal baby and not really sad and jealous that it isn’t me. (Not the royal bit… No jealousy there!)

But seriously! Why does everyone get pregnant on their honeymoon?!




  1. Betty

    I’m right there with you. I have my miracle baby and I’m still envious and sad when I see others get pregnant with ease. I don’t know when that will heal but I’m just going to let myself feel the feels on this one.

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    • Nara

      I don’t feel terrible about it. I appreciate I’m really lucky and I’m very happy with having one child. I just kind of think GAH!! when they announced that 37 year old Meghan Markle was basically pregnant as soon as she was married. I guess it just feels a bit easy for other people, when I was in a long term relationship from my twenties so seems a bit unfair I had to wait so long… but it was worth the wait and I’m grateful!

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  2. My Perfect Breakdown

    Your post was the first thing I read this morning, and I appreciate that I read it from you as someone who shares in my emotions around announcements such as this – thankful for what I have and annoyed at all the media around super fertile celebs.

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    • Nara

      Ah, I’m sorry for all the announcements! I just find it so surprising that they never seem to have an issue getting pregnant. Especially as she’s the same age I would have been for our first baby who we lost, and it was years of struggle before then! I’m really sorry if it was triggering for you. ❤️


  3. spiteorflight

    Maybe it’s my suspicious nature, but I think royals and celebs probably have more help with fertility than they let on. Not to say that a 37 year old can’t get pregnant (my bff is 37 and just got pregnant a month after her wedding) but I guess my point is, if they did have help I wouldn’t be surprised, and we’ll also probably never know.

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      • spiteorflight

        I suspect a lot of them are perfectly fertile, they just want to have some control over when they get pregnant (not if) around movie/tv/tour schedules you know? I feel like that’s also why so many celebrities end up with twins.

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    • Nara

      Yes that’s true! I suppose if they’d had help then I wouldn’t expect it to work so soon after the wedding. And I do know plenty of people who have gotten pregnant in their 30s after weddings, as well as people in their 40s!

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  4. Karasone

    I feel like they often have endless money for interventions and chefs and trainers, etc. Maybe donor embryos. who knows whats lurking beneath the surface.


    • Nara

      True… Even with the money though it still seems to work so quickly. I suppose we only see the end result though. And I also think if they had issues then they wouldn’t announce it so early.


  5. MrsD

    There are rumors that the Royal Family requires fertility testing (and other medical tests) before the Queen will approve of the marriage. Of course that doesn’t answer the question of whether Willam or Harry had to have anything done (since 50% of infertility is due to the male of course) and how they get pregnant so quickly. There is definitely something going on there.


    • Nara

      I’m sure they have help if they need it. Although Kate / Catherine popped out three in a row with no obvious issues! Only poor Zara Philips has had any obvious problems (miscarriage) although of course they don’t need to tell anyone about their problems.


      • MrsD

        I just think it’s sad and kind of crazy that they have to literally go through an invasive medical exam just to marry into the family! Apparently Diana had to have one to confirm she was still a virgin before she married Charles, and they interviewed her previous boyfriends, too. But then again I guess if you’re going to marry a Royal, you kind of know what you’re getting into.

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