A meditation on wooden toys


Or: Feelings when your 21 year old scribbles on the £90 “open ended play” wobbel board (my gift to him on his first birthday).

When this happens to your natural wobbel and it doesn’t come off…

– It doesn’t affect usage – it still functions perfectly as a wobbly board and slide and baby doll rocker and toy car ramp and…

– It’s one of a kind! Personalised by its owner. (Yes, the kid owns it… I don’t!)

– It will probably have more “personalisations” before the kid is done with it. And whilst it’s not encouraged, it’s okay.

The world keeps turning.

My child is healthy and happy.

I’m grateful I live in a place where we don’t have to worry about most of the things that negatively affect the world’s children today. My child isn’t living in poverty or fleeing war or suffering abuse or neglect.

I understand we buy these beautiful (and expensive) things for our children and it’s disappointing when they scribble on them, and I had a moment of, “Oh no!”

But… I was someone who was told I’d never have a child naturally, so I’m just grateful I get to have my child scribble and for that scribble to be preserved for posterity.

For the lost babies, and for the never-borns, and for the parents without children and for the never-parents with spaces in their hearts where babies should be, I dedicate this wobbel. To me it’s perfect. 🌈❤️


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  1. Betty says:

    Are you a montessori mom or just into open ended wooden toys? I’ve been reading about the montessori and waldorf methods lately and feeling intimidated!


    1. Nara says:

      Nah, just into wooden toys. It’s kind of trendy here but they are also nice and remind me of toys I had when I was little (because I’m old and my mother was into Montessori – we went to Montessori kindergarten). I’m not fanatical about it though and he has some non wooden toys also. Some of the mothers are purists. I posted this kind of in response to the many posts on wooden toy groups where mothers complain that their child has defaced the toy. Some of them won’t even let their child play with the toys!

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  2. Hufflestitch says:

    A bit of personalisation 😂 toddlers, gotta love them. Mine tonight decided mummy needed a kiss on the cheek. Very sweet if it wasn’t for the fact his face was covered in Bolognase sauce… I accepted the tomatoey toddler kiss.

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    1. Nara says:

      That’s adorable!! Mine likes to lick me and laugh hysterically. And blow raspberries on my stomach (or even worse, slap it!). It’s cute now but hoping he’ll grow out of it soon! 😂


  3. tidleone says:

    Love. Love. Love wooden toys. My two did something similar. As much as I love personalisation WD40 does work miracles.

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    1. Nara says:

      Ha! Good to know!


  4. This wasn’t a Babipur purchase was it?! That’s my favourite kids website. I’ve thought about a wobbel board but we tried one at my friends and my son wasn’t that interested in it, so much as I really liked the idea of getting one, I just couldn’t justify the cost!


    1. Nara says:

      Haa. It may have been! 😂 There are some great websites for wooden toys but I find the mum chat groups can be a bit much!

      Re the wobbel, T (dad) was not convinced but B really does enjoy it. Has also had a second wind with the ball pool! Loves jumping in it!


    2. Nara says:

      Yes Bebe and Baba Me are also worth a look!


  5. Courtney says:

    I feel you! I am a perfectionist – everything must be just so. I’ve always revelled in the luck that I have kids who don’t put stickers on their toys, because I can’t handle that. But Bryson PROMPTLY put Lego stickers (the ones that came with a building set) on his new wooden toy ruffle that my dad bought him and instead of gasp in horror, I thought, “his two very favorite things have come together.” I have thought of taking them off, but only because I think he’ll want them for that Lego set eventually. But he knows where to find them, and I smile every time I look at that wooden gun (that I refused to buy him but his Pooh did not 😂).

    There was a very real time that we weren’t sure we’d ever have sticker-laced toys in our house. (That said, I’m still relieved that that is the only toy that has been defaced with stickers!)

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    1. Nara says:

      I love this! Especially knowing you and what a perfectionist you are! ❤️

      I also love his MLP obsession. So cute!

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  6. Aw, I have totally had so many of those “oh no!” moments. I promise that in the future you will like it better with the personalization and the story. It’s a mark of this time in your lives and someday when you come across it in storage while looking for something else, it will make you smile to see the scribbles. I was very particular with my own things as a kid and kept them in near-perfect condition because I was already planning to pass them down to my children. But, my stuff was used by 3 more who came behind me first and they sometimes added their marks to it. I have a book that I loved as a kid and remember being so upset when a younger sister drew on some of the pages… but now I love seeing those marks when I read the book to Ross. It brings back memories of my sisters at that age and makes it better somehow. I was even just cleaning up a toy chest from my childhood for Ross and immediately regretted scrubbing out some of the crayon drawings that were added along the way. You have a good perspective on this!

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    1. Nara says:

      Oh my goodness, that is so lovely. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤️❤️


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