Poxing day!

Well, I knew that couldn’t last. We had an awesome Christmas Day at my brother’s house and I was looking forward to having some time off to catch up with friends and family – after last year when I was laid up with flu from Christmas Day onwards. This year I got the flu vaccination so I don’t have flu… but woke up this morning to B with chickenpox!

Poor baby!

He actually seems fine other than the spots. But obviously can’t go and see people. We were due to see T’s parents today but they’re both elderly and not in great health and shouldn’t really be exposed to chickenpox if we can help it. And we were due to see T’s sister and wife on Saturday and we can’t really see them either as they have immune issues. And my best local buddy is a cancer survivor so probably best not to spend too much time with her either! Ahh.

In a way we are lucky because we don’t need to take time off work. And we can spend time with B in the house which is nice. It’s just a shame we don’t usually get this much time off and we aren’t able to catch up with friends and family.

Still – it could be worse. He was happy and healthy on Christmas Day and it was really lovely to see him half understand about why there was a railway track and ride on train running round the living room! It was very sweet. We are lucky buggers, really.



  1. In Pursuit of a Family

    Oh man!! I remember how terrible the flu was for you last year. I’m so sorry the illness is continuing this year! Don’t babies in the UK get a vaccine for chicken pox? Everyone my age in the US had chicken pox but my youngest sister was born 9 years after me and they had the vaccine so she never got it! Now you never hear of it anymore. It’s tough for someone so little to have them 😞 but at least he won’t remember it. And it looks like you’ve kept busy doing fun things this month so now you can just enjoy resting and snuggling together. I’ll be thinking of him and hoping he recovers very quickly! Also still have a card to send you that will go out this week!


    • Nara

      Ahhh no we don’t get a vaccine here for chickenpox! It’s a rite of passage! I think at least he can have it at home when we are at home for a couple of weeks and he should be fine to go back to nursery. Hope you are well! And I need your new address as I am so disorganised and I’m pretty sure you moved! Xx


    • Nara

      Bless him, he’s itching like he has fleas or something, poor little thing! But luckily it’s mainly covered up so he can’t really get at them. I guess it’s a rite of passage but I do feel for him!

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