W5D4: Zumbatastic


I really didn’t expect to feel very perky today as I was tired. I think that probably going off plan for a few days means you have to start detox all over again!

Weight: -0.4kg. I was hoping for more considering how virtuous I was yesterday, but what can you do?

Breakfast: Virtuous green smoothie with vanilla.

Lunch: I was so proud of myself, I brought my own packed lunch to work. I felt a bit guilty eating it in a VC booth (like a little office) as I had hard boiled eggs and they probably stank, haha. But I ate it anyway as I was starving!

Snack/dinner/who can tell?: I got home a bit early as I had a RFI I wanted to work on all afternoon. I was really hungry when I got in so I made a courgette’s worth of courgette crisps.

Delicious! I’m so impatient waiting for them to cook. I put spices on them and that seems to make them crispier, but they’re still fine even if they are a bit soggy.

I got caught up in a proposal at work so I got deep into PowerPoint… This meant I didn’t really get time to eat anything more before Zumba as I was busy working. (Well, I did read a book before working and it was so engrossing I had to finish it.) I did have a piece of vegan chocolate as usual.

I felt really tired before Zumba and didn’t really fancy going. I think maybe that’s what breaking the detox does to you. Maybe you have to start again! Imagine!

Once I got there I got really into it though. That’s what exercise does to you. Endorphins! My friend was there and we had a laugh at me jumping about stupidly and trying to cheer her up when she had to sit down. The great news is it seems like her cancer is responding to chemo. It’s a rollercoaster really. We had a good chat and she was amazed by how much energy I had. I don’t know how that happened as I was so tired.

When I got home I did feel a bit hungry but it was too late to eat and I had a load of work to do. Of course tonight is the night when B decided he didn’t want to sleep. At all. It’s almost 1am and he’s still up. He’s had some screaming fits and it’s just not clear why he’s not sleeping. He’s usually a great sleeper. T took him downstairs whilst I did a bit of work but it’s just not happening now.

So tired and I’m not sure if he will ever sleep!

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  1. Rach says:

    Oh no! I hope B is ok. That’s all a bit stressful. 0.4kg loss overnight is so amazing! They say for sustained weight loss that 0.5kg per week is reasonable so really, almost that much in a day is MASSIVE! I know you are all over it with a maintenance regime once you’ve lost the weight so I’m sure you will sustain it. Wasn’t trying to convey that! You are pretty on it. Just saying that’s a great drop after one virtuous day! 🙂


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