My friend Briony: 1970 – 2020

My friend Briony died on the morning of 2 July 2020. Briony wasn’t her real name, but I know she would have loved the pseudonym. I’ve kept thinking I… My friend Briony: 1970 – 2020 (Update on new blog. Click to read.)

Death, family, grief

Following on from my last post, this is just a way of letting it out really and trying to make sense of what is happening right now. I’ve been … Death, family, grief (Post on my new blog – click link above to read)

The grief of the not-yet-happened

Yesterday (well, now the day before yesterday as I never seem to sleep much during lockdown) Briony woke up and she couldn’t feel her legs. She … The grief of the not-yet-happened (Full post on my new blog – click link to read)

Lockdown parenting and potty training

I’ve been meaning to do a little life update. Honestly it doesn’t seem like there’s that much news but actually it feels like I’ve been busy because … Lockdown parenting and potty training 👆🏼 New post on potty training and parenting under lockdown on my new blog…

R3D21: Smashed it!

The good news is that I met my diet goal for this month. It was hard going but I managed it. I’m not going to advocate what I did – nothing horrific … R3D21: Smashed it! 👆🏼 New blog post! Click link to read.

R3D15: Oh dear

Well I knew I shouldn’t have had the chocolate ginger biscuits last night! I guess I’m that person who always just thinks they can go hard at the … R3D15: Oh dear 👆🏼 Latest post on my new blog, click on the link to read and if you still want to hear from me, pop…

R3D14: Slow progress

Well after my chocolate cookies yesterday it could have been a lot worse! Weight: +0.3kg, -2.4kg overall. Last night stayed up really late talking. … R3D14: Slow progress I’m still posting exciting (sarcastic face) updates on my new blog… If you are interested in finding out more about my rather unsuccessful forays into healthy eating…

R3D10: Up (and hopefully down)

Well that wasn’t a successful weight loss day! Gonna have to do better today. Weight: +0.2kg, -2.2kg from this round. Not so good! I suppose that’s … R3D10: Up (and hopefully down) 👆🏼 More on my new blog… If you’re interested then click on the link and pop me a follow! Hope to see you…

R3D9: Banana bread is not on plan

In which I attempt banana bread for the first time in my life. I hate bananas! Given the amount of snacking I’ve been done lately, I’ve managed to lose weight so that’s something. Still not enough! I need to go a bit harder over… R3D9: Banana bread is not on plan If you’re interested in…