In pictures: Orlando roundup 

For the last couple of days in Orlando we ended up having a bit of downtime – mainly because T had sprained his toe(!) somehow and couldn’t walk very far so the parks would have been difficult during the day. We had already planned for a shopping day so we hit the outlets and the mall (with T limping very slowly!). Fortunately I knew exactly where I wanted to go! I had lusted after a Coach bag – they aren’t very common in the UK. And everyone from the UK who comes to Orlando gets something from Michael Kors. 

Michael Kors is a weird one in the UK as a lot of people have them. Although they’re probably fake! I do like them but it seems like they’re maybe a bit passé now (but it doesn’t stop me liking them!). I managed to be talked out of the canary yellow handbag by T, which I had liked a lot when it was in the MK shop in London last year. It is a bit bright! I got a little evening / going out bag instead (in the canary yellow, haha). I knew that the bright yellow would probably get all muddy in the everyday commute anyway. 

This didn’t stop me from getting two handbags in Coach! Super excited. I’m really not a fashion plate (I’m currently living in Disney themed clothing just for this holiday!) but I do like a good handbag. I got one brown everyday bag and one red one that would be nice for Christmas. I also got two other red ones in various sizes for my mum and sister – lucky them! It will be nice for Christmas to give them something lovely. I also got my sister a watch from Marc Jacobs which matched mine! It is so cheap in the outlets – about half the price we pay in the UK or even less. 

T got some stuff from Calvin Klein but it’s safe to say I got the bulk of the shopping. He did do quite well as I bought him an Apple watch for his birthday… after buying myself one! Everything is so much cheaper in the US (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!). We had a good couple of days shopping and we ate dinner in the parks so we still got the magic experience. 

If it seems extravagant it’s a lot different than our trip last year where we were on a really tight budget. We were on a single income unexpectedly and we didn’t know when we would be able to afford anything so it was quite stressful. We had already paid for the flights and hotel so decided we would still go, but try to do NYC on $10 a day! We tried to do everything cheap or free (and for the most part we managed it!) so this year we decided to splash out. We’ve been saving all year for it so it felt good to let loose for a bit!

Here are some pics…

The Mall at Millennia. This is a standard shopping mall (not outlet, which looked less fancy), or should I say shopping planet. For those of you in the UK, it’s larger than the Trafford centre by quite some margin. I would say it would take a day to walk one end and back. We had a limper (or Mr Hoppy as I’d christened him) so we pretty much just went to the Apple Store and looked at the shops near to that. T went into Coach which is opposite Apple to check that I’d gotten a bargain at the outlets – I apparently had! They had the same bags for about twice as much!

This is my midway shopping point at the outlet whilst T was in Asics – he got two pairs. The ones he wanted are a bit harder to get in the UK and he hardly ever buys trainers so he was pleased.   

My end of day shopping: L-R – Michael Kors (evening bag), Coach (2 handbags for me, 1 each for mum and sis), Kate Spade (a wallet for the person who’s lookin after Dog), Calvin Klein (T’s smalls!), Apple (watch; we went back next day for one for T and my first ever iPad!), Watch Factory (matching Marc Jacobs watched for me and my sis). Quite a haul! I never shop this much in the UK! I reckon I saved around 50%.   
New watch with Mickey on! He taps his foot for the seconds and moves his hands for the time! Sweet. You can change it to other stuff so I might when I’m back.   

Our fanciest meal at the second most romantic restaurant in WDW (haha). The first most expensive was all booked up and would require a mortgage to afford! It was at Monsieur Paul in France in Epcot. It was really nice for a treat and even though it was about twice as expensive as any other meal we had there, it was about the same as we would pay for a mid range restaurant like Gaucho in the UK.   

Carrot soup with a Parmesan froth. Not pictured – delicious warm home made bread!
Steak with mushroom and bacon topper. I don’t often have steak and I had it twice in Orlando and both times it was amazing.   

Truffle mash. Looked liquid and was quite mushy but really good. 

Dessert #1: mango and strawberry. Amazing. My two favourites!  

Dessert #2: Raspberry and meringue. My other favourites! Like a deconstructed pavlova.     

The next morning I walked down the road (everybody drives) to Walgreens to get stuff for T’s toe. Hilariously someone had put bubble bath in the Walgreens fountain. 

Something I won’t miss: your toilet doors! Seriously what is with this?! In the UK we don’t have gaps or peepholes. It’s just odd and rather disconcerting to find that in the US you’re generally visible. Also the self flushing toilets! It all takes a bit of getting used to!  
We went to Walmart and bought a case for our extra shopping! We needed it! I tried churros and they were delicious. Probably really trashy but the cinnamon sugar was great! We also got dog sweaters for Dog… He will be overjoyed!  

Here were my handbags all packed up in the case. The red ones were packed inside each other – I got my mum and sister matching versions to mine, just different sizes. They’ll be nice and Christmassy!  
On our final night we went to the Boardwalk (Disney resort) and I finally got to do the pick your own pearl. I’d wanted to do it as I thought it sounded fun. I was worried about the oyster but the lady said he died of old age!  So I didn’t kill him or anything. They are farmed oysters and you pick your own and then they open it to see what pearl you have and they can put it in a necklace or ring for you. This was mine. 

I was so excited as my pearl turned out lovely!  
It was not a white pearl – it was peacock coloured which I like even more! Usually they’re white so I was really pleased. I got it put into a little necklace so I’ll have a nice reminder of our trip (to go with the handbags and pandora bracelet! Haha!). 

Our final evening was at Beaches and Cream. It’s a 50s themed cafe, very casual and fun.   
Pink lemonade. Lovely!  

Huge hotdog with chilli and cheese and fries. Couldn’t eat it all!    

They’re famous for the Kitchen Sink which is their signature ice cream. We couldn’t eat any ice cream after our meal but lots of other people could! When they bring it out they dim the lights and do a whole routine. It is fun! And was the cheapest meal of our stay. Although I have to say that I hate to think what we’d look like if we ate this kind of food every day! Good job I have some clothes with elasticated waists!

Thanks Orlando… We had a blast! 


    • Nara

      Hahaha. We don’t go shopping very often because of Dog… I mean really I rarely go shopping as I feel like we should spend our free time with him rather than somewhere he can’t go! But the deals were good and that’s probably all I need for the next six months or so! 😉


  1. ourgreatestdesire

    I’m totally jealous of all the shopping you did! I’m not allowed to shop like that anymore. 😦 I had to laugh as you kept saying it’s cheap compared to the UK. I clearly could not live in the UK!!! 🙂


    • Nara

      No really, stuff is so much cheaper here! Maybe it’s also the exchange rate (about 1.5 dollars to the pound). The outlets were really cheap – I could have spent a lot more but I held back! I was glad to get some nice things for my mum and sister as I can give it to them for Christmas. And other than that, Apple products are quite a lot cheaper in the US than in the UK… They don’t tend to discount anywhere so they are worth getting here. I’m sure I won’t do any more shopping for like a year! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      It is such a weird thing to get used to! I don’t know how Americans deal with it… It’s so odd! (Coming from up tight privacy hungry Brits!)


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