Do the right thing, America


A post I wrote on a transracial adoption discussion group a few days ago. Seems pertinent today…

I work in an American company (even though I’m in the UK) and I know people who are intending on voting for Trump. It genuinely scares me that a country I love, holiday in and where I have lots of friends (including people of colour – POC) would seriously be considering voting this guy in for president.

I’ve heard a lot of Americans liken this to Brexit. This is nothing like Brexit. Brexit is the decision to consider leaving the European Union (which has been challenged in parliament and which a significant minority voted against). Yes, it has some xenophobic undercurrents but it is not about enforced deportation. It is not about violence against women. It is not the same thing at all.

If you think Brexit sounds bad, imagine an America led by Trump. It is not the joke that people think it is. It’s a very real threat.

And then take a look at the POC you know, and the ones in your home. I imagine there are people in [this transracial adoption group] who are considering voting Trump, who have performed some mental gymnastics to justify why there’s no connection between voting for this guy and the POC sitting in their home.

Let me be clear: Even a Brit can see this.

Voting for Trump is an act of violence against your adopted child.

Voting for Trump is an act of violence against POC.

Voting for Trump is an act of violence against women.

Do not be blind to this in the same way as people were blinded to it in another time and place, until it was too late. #neveragain #lestweforget


Comment: My family’s holocaust story makes me scared of Trump

NaBloPoMo November 2016



  1. RJ

    Honestly the whole election disgusts me. I am so glad it’s almost over and I sincerely hope we won’t end up with that awful man as our leader. I cannot fathom that.


  2. My Perfect Breakdown

    I hear you!!! This Canadian also can see it.
    I have to ask, you say “Voting for Trump is an act of violence against your adopted child”. I have heard nothing about Trump and adoption, can you please tell me more???? I am having a small heart attack at the moment – I need to arm myself with as much knowledge about this as our son, who is adopted, is a USA citizen.
    I so wish I could vote in the USA today! As a Canadian with a USA born child, I feel so intimately connected to this election.


    • Nara

      Yes, should’ve clarified. As Amy says it was about transracial adoption. Main point is there are people who have adopted (and claim to love) non white children who are voting for Trump. That blows my mind.

      Should’ve also added LGBT but the forum is about transracial adoption so I didn’t call it out specifically.

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  3. spiteorflight

    I really, really don’t think he’ll win. Unfortunately I live in a blue state, so my vote (for her!) doesn’t really matter, but we all headed to the polls this morning anyway. I personally know people who are voting for Trump, and I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around how they can overlook his own words and behavior and think, now here’s the man for the job — not to mention what I think that says about their own opinions about women, POC, or LBGT Americans.


  4. MrsD

    I voted early two weeks ago and was proud to take my daughter along as I voted for Hillary! I am sick to my stomach at the thought that Trump could win. 😦


  5. Arwen

    I write this at 4:49 am as it’s looking like he’ll win. God help us.
    I think I liken it to Brexit in that the vote leave campaign was also openly racist, bigoted, playing on the economic fears of disenfranchised people and making it about race. But this is SO MUCH WORSE.
    I could throw up right now…


    • Nara

      I woke up at 06:20 and it looks pretty set that Trump will win. Which is crazy. I don’t know if I’ll even process it for days, and I can’t imagine how my friends in the US are feeling.


  6. Dubliner in Deutschland

    Well I woke up to the sad news this morning! I seriously don’t understand how so many people can vote for Trump! Don’t they care that he is a racist, a sexist and a narcissist who has not articulated in any real or meaningful way his vision and plan to “make America great again”! I’m worried that things will go backwards now in the US. I was surprised at the time when Brexit won but I’m even more in shock at this result.


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