IVF 2: Ready… Steady… Go!

Me right about now…

Well tonight’s the night! Stim time’s done and it’s trigger o’clock! Woohoo… Finally. I’m about to pop.

Actually it’s “tomorrow” – I have to trigger with Ovitrelle at 00:30 tonight / tomorrow morning. That means egg collection is on Wednesday around 12:30, which means a fairly civilised arrival at hospital at 11:30. 8 people having egg collections on Wednesday. Wowsers. I asked what would happen if they got delayed with the backlog, like would my eggs wither on the vine (so to speak), but the nurse said that they have “a window” and they wouldn’t miss them. Eek.

Drugs situ is no more IVF drugs until after collection, although I’ll still take my supplements for the immune protocol. I skip the heparin tomorrow (Tuesday) and start it again on Wednesday evening after the egg collection. On Wednesday I morning (I think… Need to check notes) I start taking Prednisolone (steroid to deal with the immune response) plus something else to deal with the potential indigestion. Yay! Pretty sure I will also have Progesterone after transfer. It’s a bit to remember but hopefully I will!

So – a couple of hours till trigger time! I wonder if I’ll have popped by then… Or if I jab myself with a needle, I might deflate suddenly and fly around the room!



  1. Solo

    Good luck with the trigger and EC, and enjoy your jab free day tomorrow! I can currently relate to the pictures – I hope your bloating recedes a little!


  2. babydreamsandlove

    Yay! Goodluck! Hoping they get lots of eggs from you!! Enjoy the day with no injecting! I remember how good that day felt to just be drug free for basically 24 hours hahahaha.

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  3. Courtney

    Yes, yes, yes! Let’s get this show on the road! You are going to feel so much better a few days after those eggs are collected and safely in their petri dishes with their mated sperm! The swelling takes a bit to come down… but you know the drill!

    I’m super excited for you, and again, so glad you’re so much further ahead of us in time zones!!! πŸ˜‰

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  4. Paigeed

    Yay!!! It’s finally here. Maybe you will feel more “deflated” after retrieval. Sending ALL my good vibes to you and your eggs tonight and tomorrow and on into Wednesday!!

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  5. pinksnow78

    Yay!! Hope trigger went ok – and the nasty bloating starts to disappear!! Hoping for some wonderful embryos for you on Wednesday – keep us updated!! X x

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  6. wonkygenes

    Yaaaay!! this is the best part for me. You’ve done everything you can so just sit back and relax and they can do the rest… Well done! Looking forward to the updates. X


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