I’d never heard this song before…

Sitting here listening to music on Alexa (“Alexa – play songs by Ed Sheeran”) and this came on and now I’m in floods of tears. And feeling very thankful. 

Trigger warning: some serious emotion relating to pregnancy. 

Ed Sheeran – Small Bump



    • Nara

      Oh gosh, I can only imagine how it makes you feel. Sorry if it upset you. I was just so overcome as I really didn’t expect it and then the last part… xx

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  1. Amy M.

    I saw a post about this song on Facebook a few weeks ago, and couldn’t even bring myself to listen to the song or watch the video. Maybe someday I will, but I don’t think any time in the near future. It’s beautiful that he wrote that for his friend though. What a special gift to her.


    • Nara

      The video isn’t so bad, as I think if I’d have seen it I might have expected the sad ending. I didn’t expect it so it was more of a shock.

      I do wonder about the story behind it as it seems very personal to him.

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  2. Dani

    That’s funny because I wrote a post about this song a few weeks ago on the great pudding club hunt. It seriously makes me cry EVERY TIME.


    • Nara

      Yeah I’ve never listened to his music much but I randomly asked Alexa to play songs by him and it came on. Had me in utter snotty tears!


  3. RJ

    Wow this is so beautiful. I’ve never heard it (and apparently I missed Dani’s post on it). Brings tears to my eyes, I’m glad I’m on the other side as I don’t think I could handle it if I were in the thick of my miscarriages and sadness. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. silentmiscarriageloudthoughts

    That song is played heaps in NZ. I couldn’t handle it when I was pregnant with N because I was already so worried something would happen. But it always seemed to be on when I was doing my supermarket shopping.
    Beautiful song.


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